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Private Policy

The management of Cvsfile.com wishes to assure all users of this site complete confidentiality of all private information collected on this site and will not for whatever reason disclose private information not intended for public to any unauthorised persons.

Cvsfile.com assumes that all information provided on the CVs is meant for use by prospective employers and can be viewed anytime by employers registered on this site.

Contact details provided by jobseekers will be used to contact them by prospective employers or Cvsfile.com management and will never be disclosed to unauthorised persons . These details will be classified as "restricted information" and will only be available to credible employers. This is for the purpose of trying to lock out potential scammers and fraudsters.

Cvsfile.com will not disclose private information of registered employers and only their information contained in posted jobs will be freely available to registered jobseekers on this site. Employers may disclose their names but may not include their direct contacts such as postal, telephone, email addresses or any other direct means of contact on the posted jobs. Any such direct contacts included on the posted jobs will be deleted. Cvsfile.com will act as the link between the jobseeker and prospective employer.


While Cvsfile.com takes all the necessary steps to ensure complete safety and security of users information on this site, it does not take any responsibililty for loss suffered by any user due to his/her failure to exercise ordinary caution in the course of using the site . Users are advised to first confirm with us the authenticity of contacts they have found on this site before making any commitments with them.

All users agree to indemnify Cvsfile.com for any loss suffered due to the user's negligence, lack of exercising ordinary caution when using the site or recklessness in the use of the site's resources.

Cvsfile.com is a legal property of Inve-Track Limited and is a scam free use by all site. All information and images on this site consists copyrighted material. Unauthorised copying, duplication or distribution of material found on this site is highly prohibited and any contravention will attract criminal litigation.

The management of cvsfile.com reserves the right to accept or reject anyone's membership without giving any reasons whatsover.


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